CCNA or Cisco Certified Networking Associate is a very helpful certificate for IT professionals to secure a high-paying employment in the networking field. CCNA is a well-reputed and accepted certification from Cisco Systems. As you know, Cisco is one of the most trusted names in the industry, so if you are Cisco certified professional, the company can assure that they have a candidate is proficient and knowledgeable regarding the fundamentals and concepts of networking. Additionally, a candidate acquiring such certification is also considered as a world-class professional that can be reliable and dependable. This is the main reason why being certified in Cisco is very beneficial.


Details of CCNA Certification

IT professionals that are CCNA certified are considered to be proficient in installation and management of Wireless WAN and LAN as well as Switched Network Services. Usually, these professionals use Cisco compatible equipment in the maintenance and installation of the infrastructure they are working for on their companies. In order to acquire this certification, the candidate should able to pass the exam.

The Cost of CCNA Certification

ccna (2)The cost of CCNA certification is $250. On the other hand, the overseas candidates can change the amount according to their country’s currency to determine the exact money that they will be spending to register for the exam. In the event that you want to obtain two separate exams for CCNA then you only need to pay $125 for every test. The cost of CCNP Composite is $300 as well. The best thing about CCNA is there’s no discrimination in terms of the pricing for the reason that the cost all over the world is just the same.

If you are interested to determine how much the overall cost of the certification, determining the cost of the study material or book may not be included on the fees you need to provide. Additionally, the candidate should also endure the expenses of traveling to examination center to take the exam. Remember that, all CCNA certified professional should able to renew the certification for every three years. The cost of the CCNA certification may actually differ according to the study materials you will use for the exam or even getting the training.

Finally, CCNA is considered as one of the most excellent certification from Cisco. If you want to have a great career opportunity, getting certified in Cisco is the best thing to do. This is an ideal key to succeed.