After you have gathered all the study material, including study notes, guides, training kits ,text books, practice questions  and

video tutorials , it’s time to sit back and start managing your time and setting up a schedule for studying and getting prepare for the CCNA exam. Start preparing from the text books first. It might be boring, but it will give you a solid understanding of the networking concepts. Start reading the text books about three months from the exam. After you have read text books thoroughly, take practice tests from the guides regularly.

The more you take these tests, the more your knowledge about the networking concepts will be solidified.  Supplement this learning by watching video tutorials and start implementing the theoretical knowledge on to simulators and real equipment. It will refresh your knowledge and techniques that you learned from the text books in the first place. Moreover, take as much online practice test as you can to keep improving your score.

Taking online tests will boost up your confidence and will motivate you to score higher on the test. Avoid rote learning and test your concepts by taking regular online practice tests.

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