First and the most important step is to prepare yourself psychologically for the ccna test. Be motivated and enthusiastic, alwayskeep your morale high and stick to your aim that you have to struggle and work hard to get CCNA certifications. Put all other social activities aside for some time and just focus on studying for the exam. The instant and mot easiest way to pass a CCNA exam is to practice questions that might be asked in the test.

Going through CCNA Training kits will abridge you with thorough, instant information and command over networking and computer technology. The practice questions on these guides are quite similar to the one’s that might be asked in the exam. Practice the techniques and information you learned from the guides on to some real world equipment, it will give you enough expertise about the computer network foundations and basics. You can also take free online self assessment tests, download games related to networking and study notes to pass the CCNA exam successfully.

CCNA study Tools will help you to learn the essentials of the CCNA exam quickly in a very short period of time. You can also sign up for an account at Cisco press official website and order INTR and ICND guide books by author Odom and benefit from the tips and experiences of the experts at the online forum who have successfully passed the CCNA exam. In the examination hall, look and think about all the options given for every question very carefully.

You would have to complete 90 questions in the given time of approximately 55 to 65 minutes. In order to get passed in the exam, you must secure at least 849 out of 1000 marks.

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