Here are all details regarding to CCNA examination for passing the examination along with few tips that will help the candidate while sitting in the examination hall. All the information has been gathered by the frequently asked question at Cisco’s website.

Examination pattern and Duration:

Till now, there are 90 minutes provided to the candidate and there are 50 multiple choice questions to answer. But there is an option for the candidates who are not native English that they can get extra 30 minutes and thus they can get 120 minutes to answers the questions of exam.  But there is an important thing that should not be forgotten that teacher or instructor must be informed about this and it’s a best way to get time extension.


Ways to get the CCNA Certification:

Two ways have been introduced by the Cisco to get CCNA Certification.

  1. Registering in CCNA 640-802 and getting the certificate just after passing one exam.
  2. Registering in ICND-1 640-822 and INCD-2 640-816 and passing two exams, one exam for each.

Exam Fee for CCNA 640-802:

 An amount of 295 USD is charged to the applicant, while registering for CCNA 640-802.

Minimum Score required for passing:

Cisco has set the passing score as 82.5% or at getting 825 marks out of 1000.

Certificate validity duration:

This certificate remains valid till 3 years, by the date of passing of exam. After 3 years, the certificate can be recertified by passing the ICND2 exam or passing the current CCNA exam.

Keys to pass the CCNA exam:

As CCNA exam is about networking, thus, it covers almost all topics related to networking and its aspects as well. If main topic is discussed than that is sub-netting and if a candidate wants to get good score than he should focus on subnet understanding and all aspects related to it should be covered.  But it does not mean other topics are not important and other all topics related to networking should not be missed.  Another point that is not so clear and it should be avoided is about using short commands. Some people say that it is not allowed to use short commands in the exam and some think that these work. The best way is to avoid the risk and don’t use the short commands as well.  Full commands should be written so you have minimum risk of losing points.

Recommended material for CCNA:

There is recommended material of books and videos for the training of CCNA exam. Other material recommended by the candidates can be found online.

Accessing the routers in simulators during Exam:

For router configuration, only one PC is connected while giving the exam. The process can be started after clicking on PC that is fatherly selected to link with the CLI that connects with the router. Although, it is not a proper way to connect to the router but Cisco has done this for time saving and candidate may use maximum time on giving the answers to the questions of exam.

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