We have received an email from our regular visitors recently regarding purchasing of Cisco EL router 2801 and when he said that

He wants to configure it to an ADSL modem. I have already done its configuration but it is not working. I think I am missing something in the configuration. Please help me out to sort out this problem of configuration, if anybody knows how to configure it.

Here is the Answer:

Our many clients have the same problem as we mentioned. Mostly this problem occurs when you give incorrect username and password. So this problem can be fixed by giving correct username & password.

The second major reason of this problem relates with debug running. Simply check its debug running settings:

Padi timer expiry

Sending PADI: Interface = GigaEthernet0/1
Pppoe_send_padi: FF FF FF FF FF FF 00 17 94 91 18 B9 88 63 11 09
00 00 00 0C 01 01 00 00 01 03 00 04 47 65 92 D4
debug ppp neg:
debug pppoe packet:
debug Event

After checking all the settings, within few minutes, the pppoe dialer will connect successfully and your router configuration will be complete. Now your PC is ready connect with the internet. You can enjoy the excellent speed.

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