40-911 Exam Particulars

The exam number is 640-911 DCICN and the number of questions is 65-75. The duration of exam is 90 minutes. The exam is available in English and Japanese language. The associated certification of the exam is CCNA Data Center Certification.

640-911 Exam Description

The Cisco 640-911 exam aims to test the knowledge of candidates about the networking concepts of Data Center environment, the candidates are required to know about the process on which a data center works.


  • Description of the process how a network works – 15%
    The knowledge of a candidate about the description of purpose as well as function of several network devices is checked and validated by the exam. The selection of the components required for meeting the specifications of a requirement. The ability to use the TCP/IP models and OSI with their associated protocols for explaining how a data flows in the network is checked n admeasured by the exam. The knowledge of a candidate about the purpose and basic operations of the OSI and TCP protocols like OSI Layers and TCP/IP is checked and validated by the exam.
  • Configuration, Verification and Troubleshooting a Switch with Interwsitch Communications and VLANs while making the use of Nesux – 21%
    The ability of a candidate required for media access control and technology for Ethrente is checked and validated by the exam. The explanation of basic switching operations and concepts of Cisco switches such as flooding, Layer 2 addressing and MAC Table is checked and validated by the exam. The description and configuration of enhanced switching technologies is measured and validated by the exam.
  • Implementation of IP Services and IP Addressing Scheme for Meeting Network Requirements Branch Office Network Using Nexus in a medium sized enterprise – 12%
    The description of like RFC 4193, a Classfull IP addressing and RFC 1918 is expected from the candidates while taking the exam. The description of the difference between the IPv6 and IPv4 addressing schemes such as host addressing and comparative address space is checked and validated by the exam.
  • Verification, Configuration and Troubleshooting of Basic Router Operations and Routing on Cisco Devices while making the use of Nesux – 52%
    The ability of describing and configuring the basic concepts of routing such as packet forwarding and the process of router look up is checked and validated by the exam. The description of Cisco router operations such as POST, Router boot- up process and the components of router is expected from the candidate who takes this exam.tips

CCNA Data Center 640-911 Exam Preparation Tips

  1. Follow the topic outline and prepare all the topics thoroughly
  2. Prepare the  possible questions by understanding them well
  3. Prepare with the practice exam to succeed

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