Overview of the exam

This course is for the candidates who want to build an understanding related to cloud characteristics. It also enhances knowledge about cloud infrastructure. Candidates who will clear this exam will earn certificates associated with Cloud CCNA.

Exam Information

CLDFND 210-451 exam is 90 minutes exam which is 1 hour and 30 minutes. It is available in English language. The total number of questions available are 50-65


CLDFND 210-451 Course information

This course is really helpful to learn basics of cloud. This course will built familiarity with the basic terminologies like unified storage, Unified compute and help you to develop skills related to

  • Multi tenancy
  • Platform as a service
  • Deployment models
  • Inter cloud services
  • Identification of key features
  • Device virtualization
  • Provisioning concepts
  • Cisco storage network devices
  • Resource pooling
  • Knowledge about hypervisors

Syllabus content

Topics that are included in this course are given below with the respective percentages representing their significance.

  • Models and Characteristics of cloud (14%)
  • Cloud deployment (16%)
  • Basic knowledge of cloud computes (24%)
  • Basic knowledge of cloud networking (22%)
  • Basic knowledge of cloud storage (24%)

 Intended audience

CLDFND 210-451 targets people who deal with the deployment of Cisco basic models or for those who want to acquire information regarding fundamentals of cloud. This course develops skills of server virtualization and development of integrated infrastructure solutions. Through this course you can acquire detailed information about cloud service models. Furthermore, you will also be able to describe the role of APIC controller.

Related certificates

This course will develop your expertise in tasks related to cloud. Candidates’ passing this course will earn certificates related to CCNA.


As preparation plays very significant role in success rate .For the preparation of this course the assessment of preparation material provided by What is CCNA is recommended.

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