Question from our visitor:

I’m studying for my CCNA Switching and Routing, and I just realized about CCNA’s Wireless, Design, ISP, Security, Voice, and Video, and pondered why people straight go for their CCNP rather than following on these other certs. Do they actually make a difference in a person’s salary? Is it worth getting these extra certs? Is it wise to finish all or only follow one path?



It makes a difference if you want to pursue the advanced certs in those tracks. You can’t get CCNP Voice, Security, etc. without having the CCNA to go along with it. You probably won’t see a difference in pay if you have CCNA + CCNA-Voice compared to just CCNA, unless you have accompanying experience and skills that warrant it.

As for what’s wise/best, I don’t think there’s a right answer for everyone. I could see some people trying to do all their associate-levels first, then doing pro’s, etc. Other people may want to stick to one track at a time before switching gears.

I personally did CCNA, CCDA, CCNA Voice, now CCNP R+S. I’ll probably do CCDP after, but then go back to CCNA Security -> CCNP Security. Though I’d also like to get the CCNA/CCNP equivalents in Juniper as well, but there’s only so much time in a day.