There can be many benefits in the field of computer network. Therefore many people who live in the modern era tend to select computer networking as their career. And they will be successful in this career. For this purpose there should be a certificate which is recognized by all over the institutions in the world. That is the reason for introducing of CCNA certification by the Cisco.


CCNA or Cisco Certified Network Associate Certification is a world’s most recognizable examination, which allows being professionals in the field of computer networking. This certification can be taken by any fresh student by writing a question paper of about 90 minutes.


Various Certifications, under CCNA examination

To make superior professionals in networking Cisco offers various certifications under CCNA and each certification it focuses on various parts of networking. Among them CCNA voice certification, ccna wireless certification, and CCNA Security certification are highlighted. Wireless and security certifications are constructed to understand the basic theory or the basic parts of networking.

The cost that spends to finish the CCNA examination

As Cisco is a recognizable certification it cannot be done for a cheap amount. Though the student pays a huge money on CCNA, the result will be better than everything, which means he can earn much by showing the CCNA certification. It will take about 3000 dollars to finish the exam. But no worries, the candidate are following a path which is full of money.

Study materials and their advantages

The student must be able to find a great study material.And it should finish each and every basic topic under the CCNA. If not it is not a good idea to follow those study materials. Before buying a study material it is better to search on the internet for a better study material. It must be valued for the money it cost. And the student must search for a quality technical material. If not, he would be in a huge problem. So take the advice off6ered by the Cisco reg7arding the study materials.


If a student plans to sit for the CCNA examination he should be knowledgeable about the examination. Go through the course content and check whether it suits for your objectives then after the student must find for the basic details regarding the examination.


It is true that the CCNA examination is one of the greatest examinations which is offered by the Cisco. Therefore students who are in aim to be a professional in Networking must follow the CCNA examination.

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