There is no doubt that CCNA certificate is hard to earn. But once you are motivated and prepared to take the test, then surely you will succeed in earning a CCNA certification. The most important thing is to prepare yourself mentally that it’s a tough course and you have to put your best efforts. Once you have made up your mind, start preparing for the test. CCNA exam is offered for candidates who have a basic and intermediate understating about computer networking. Apart from this, you should try pre-requisites are required for CCNA. As mentioned above you will be needing lots of books, guides and study material to prepare yourself for the test. Start preparing at least three months before final exam. You can also join any of the various institutions offering training courses for CCNA exam.

Once you are sure that you have prepared enough for the test, get yourself registered for the exam, either via the internet or telephone. Registration procedure is explained in detailed above. The CCNA exam will approximately cost you around 125 dollars. Candidates can choose to take two separate CCNA tests or one combined test. To earn a CCNA certificate, the candidate must secure passing grades on CCNA exam number 640-802, or the candidate must secure combined passing marks on CCNA exam number 640-822 and 640-816. The passing marks and grades, and the analysis of exam scores change over time.

The candidates who take CCNA combined exam 640-802, get the certificate immediately after the announcement of the result. Whereas, candidates who opt for the two separate CCNA exam, must pass both exams to secure the CCNA certificate.  Once you have earned a CCNA certificate, you need to recertify the test after every three years. If the candidate earns a Cisco certificate that is advanced to the CCNA, the certification gets renewed automatically.

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