In case you find out something like that being a simulation problem in ICND-1 also you are intended to diagnose and repair the issue, what would you examine? Would you examine “show IP route” or “show IP protocols” or “show run”? What would you examine as well as in what sequence could you verify it? You never know exactly what the issue is, you need to ask what all possible issues are and also what exactly are the all factors you should verify to figure out this, remembering that it is in the ICND-1 Simulation in CCNA.
You wish to have an inclusive range of all of the show commands which you should fairly get worried with when getting close to ICND-1 troubleshooting questions.
Here is the Answer:
Issues to examine for:
  • The IP address inside similar subnet (examine the subnet masks)
  • Adjust the default gateway
  • Should ping the default gateway
  • Routers working should be correct
  • Routers can also ping the location
You’ll find so many factors that it could be. You normally operate from one location so you should begin by using the Computer and ensure all the things are correct. After that you can start pinging interface of the router which is dealing with that Computer (default gateway). After that you should ping the external interface of this router directed towards the second router, until you have worked your method to the desired destination Computer.
You can get information and complete detail of commands “show run”, “show ip route” and “show ip interface”.